The data management platform and software tools
your omnichannel strategies need provided
in 1 package!
w2Commerce omnipack

Implementation costs

70%* less

Implementation period

50%* shorter

*Based on actual implementations by w2solution

Diagram of w2Commerce's OMNIPACK

Diagram of w2Commerce's OMNIPACK

Based on w2Commerce and comes with an abundance of functions

A new package of services to help you achieve your omnichannel strategies

Further enhance the customer experience

Linking offline with online allows you to offer your customers a level of service they've never experienced before.

OMNIPACK provides you with:

  • The ability to offer in-store pickup

  • A record of offline orders and an inquiry management system

  • Native apps

  • The ability to link your website with social media

  • One-to-one communication tools

  • The ability to link your website with many different payment options such as credit card, Amazon Pay, Rakuten Pay, and mobile payment

How OMNIPACK is different


Sample customer experience

Push notification sent to app

Customer receives push notification and requests in-store pickup from the online shop

Customer picks up and purchases the item in-store

Later, the customer uses points earned from in-store purchases to make purchases at the online shop.

OMNIPACK can make this kind of flow possible.

case studies

We also offer:

  • Solutions for linking up with online shopping malls

    Solutions for linking up with online shopping malls

  • E-commerce solutions for B2B clients

    E-commerce solutions for B2B clients

  • EC

    Solutions for cross-border e-commerce

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