w2Commerce Enterprise is a packaged solution that already includes a wealth of functions. This is a highly expandable e-commerce platform service that can perform a variety of tasks from linking up with your business's infrastructure and servers, to expanding your business from online to offline.

  • Automatically link their e-commerce website's products, orders, and inventory with online shopping malls (such as Rakuten)

  • Streamlining operations by linking their e-commerce website with warehouse and other core IT systems

  • Using the website to manage inventory data for brick-and-mortar stores by linking the e-commerce website with the physical store's point-of-sale terminals

  • Building a cross-border e-commerce website that is multilingual and can be used with multiple currencies

wFeatures of w2Commerce Enterprise's services

This product allows clients to build their own unique e-commerce website and link it to many different services. Because w2solution specializes in developing e-commerce systems, and because 100% of our resources are in-house, we can reduce the time it takes to develop the website, in addition to reducing the cost of implementation. This allows clients to keep IT investment costs low even over the mid- to long-term, and it allows w2solution to offer services with superior cost performance.

Years we've been specializing in the development of e-commerce and customer relationship management systems


In-house implementation, development, and support


Providing solutions with superior cost performance

Example of how w2Commerce Enterprise's services can be expanded

Upgrade to Enterprise if you want a package to help boost sales and further distinguish your business from competitors, in addition to the variety of functions and infrastructure the package already contains

  • Integrate points earned online with those earned from in-store purchases
  • Automatically link customer accounts, point data, and purchase histories with point-of-sale terminals in physical stores
Link core IT systems with physical stores

Switch to enterprise if you want to use the package's diverse marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) features to automate high-level CRM tasks

  • Centralize data from other IT systems and integrate it with customer IDs
  • Automatically link specialized business intelligence tools with user and order data
  • Link multiple sales promotion tools together, centralize data from other IT systems, and integrate it with customers IDs
Automate marketing

Upgrade to Enterprise if you want to use the package to automate order processing, improve efficiency with batch processing, and further streamline management operations

  • Automate tasks with unique customizations that fit the way you do business
  • Activate the automatic warehouse link feature to skillfully handle complicated inventory definitions
  • Automatically link with new payment methods
Automate operations

Projected post-migration growth

A large variety of standard functions, reliable infrastructure, free upgrades to new versions, and comprehensive support allow you to run your e-commerce site with peace of mind. Utilize the sales promotion functions to offer proactive customer service and targeted promotions. By allowing w2solution to build your website, your business will grow to over 100 million yen in monthly sales. Even after this growth, you can decide to upgrade to our Enterprise edition as you want to further enhance customer service based on an omnichannel strategy. This strategy requires integrating customer IDs from both online and offline stores, as well as linking your site with mobile device apps and other programs. Now, your business sees 180 million yen in monthly sales, and the speed of your growth is accelerating.
Projected post-migration growth
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