w2solution's Repeat PLUS is an all-in-one service that is optimized for clients who wish to start up a repeat sales-based retail business. Functions for customer relationship management and boosting regular purchases is vital in repeat sales retailing are included in this service, in addition to functions for managing orders and shipments, and for providing efficient customer support.
To increase sales in single-item retail categories such as cosmetics and health foods, the above tasks must be carried out efficiently and effectively. In order to achieve that, a robust e-commerce system is a must. As a provider and administrator of IT systems of the e-commerce industry for many years, w2solution has developed a package optimized for repeat sales-based retailers.
We want to be a powerful partner to repeat sales retailers by leading them toward success.

  • Begin a repeat sales-based retail business

  • Reduce the burden of capturing new customers

  • Increase the number of repeat purchases without increasing costs

  • Switch to an e-commerce website that as a better variety of functions



  • Boosting purchases
    • Landing page cart specifically for boosting the purchase frequency
    • Boosting simulator
    • Coupons, points, customer rankings, and periodic specials
  • Attracting customers and trial promotions
    • Samples (trial sales)
    • Promotions with special edition sets
    • Novelty prizes
  • Customer relationship management, analytics
    • List of customers to target
    • Manage customer portfolios
    • Measure the efficacy of advertisements


  • Managing orders
    • Centrally manage workflows
    • Centrally manage orders from online shopping malls (optional)
    • Centrally manage offline orders
  • Managing shipments
    • Statements of delivery, picking lists, and detailed bills
    • Include flyers in packages
    • Post-shipping follow-up emails
  • Customer support
    • Centrally manage all data from email or phone inquiries
    • Approval workflows
    • Manage individual and group tasks


4-Stage options according to your business size

  • STEP1

    Startup plan

    Includes all basic functions

    Includes all the basic functions need to cultivate high-value customers, improve long-term value, and streamline operations. Reliable infrastructure and digitized operations provide an ideal environment for repeat sales-based retailers.

  • STEP2

    Professional plan

    Cultivate repeat customers

    Advanced sales promotion functions cultivate repeat customers. Customer segmentation and analytics tools allow you to automate marketing tasks.

  • STEP3

    Special options

    Further growth

    Provides support in maximizing customers' long term value and dramatically reduces operational burdens. Allows you to conduct a variety of advance analysis and Customer Relationship Management tasks, centralize multiple sales channels, and automatically link up with external IT systems.

  • STEP4

    Repeat PLUS Enterprise

    Personalized services

    Easily transition to personalized services. Customizable functions and linkups enable you to firmly establish your business model and achieve further growth.


Startup plan

Packed with the basic functions needed by repeat sales-based retailers, this plan focuses on quickly getting your business up and running.

Base monthly usage fee: 59,800 yen ($554*)

Initial cost: 59,800 yen ($554*)

(You will also be billed 30 yen per order based on shipments made)

*This amount is calculated at 108 yen per dollar. Actual payment will be the rate at the time of settlement.

If the website receives more than 200 orders per month, from the next month onward, you will have the permanent option* of upgrading to the professional plan for no initial cost!

*You may upgrade whenever it is convenient for you.


Professional plan

Equipped with the features necessary to give you a proper and genuine repeat sales-based retail business. This product allows you to cultivate high-value customers and improve their long-term value, while also streamlining operations.

Base monthly usage fee: 79,800 yen ($739*)

Initial cost: 79,800 yen ($739*)

(You will also be billed 30 per order based on shipments made)

*This amount is calculated at 108 yen per dollar. Actual payment will be the rate at the time of settlement.

In addition to expanding your website, you will also receive helpful free bonus functions just when you need them.

Note: Even if you receive more than a set number of orders for only one month, you will still be able to use these functions permanently.

*You may upgrade whenever it is convenient for you.


Special options

As your order numbers increase, you probably become more concerned about repeat purchase rates. But maybe you're so busy with operational tasks, you don't have time to run analytics. With Repeat PLUS, you will receive free bonus functions that give you just what you need at just the right time.

-Even if you receive more than a set number of orders only month, you will still be able to use these functions permanently.
-Please let us know you would like to activate this option.
-Customers who are upgrading or redesigning their current IT systems: please let us know your order numbers from previous systems.

0+ orders/month:
All of Repeat PLUS's standard options can be used
500+ orders/month:
Customer portfolio management option
700+ orders/month:
Product review option
1,000+ orders/month:
Call center option
1,500+ orders/month:
Incoming order filtering option
2,000+ orders/month:
Customer ranking option
2,500+ orders/month:
Branding option
3,000+ orders/month:
1 million yen discount on an upgrade to Repeat PLUS Enterprise


Repeat PLUS Enterprise

All of the robust functions of Repeat PLUS along with the ability to customize according your needs.

Base monthly usage fee: the same as the professional plan + a customization maintenance fee

(typically from 200,000 yen)

Initial cost: quote provided on request

(typically from 5 million yen)

How to get a formal estimate

If you are not already using our professional plan, please make sure that you meet the following conditions:

1. Allow us to interview you about your needs.
2. We will present you with a general estimate to add custom functions that are not possible with Repeat PLUS's basic functions.
3. You can then order a definition of specifications. (median price range: 1.5–2.0 million yen, takes approximately 1–1.5 months)

Note: We will also provided you with an official estimate.


Other expenses

Payment agency expenses

You will enter into a contract directly with the payment agent, who will bill you separately for any payment service fees.

Available payment service partners:

  • SoftBank

    Softbank Payment Service Corp.
    Carrier(Docomo / AU / SoftBank) Payment

  • ZEUS

    ZEUS Co., Ltd
    (Credit card payments)

Conditions for credit card payments (same for both partners):

Initial cost: 50,000 yen, fixed cost: 5,000/month, service fee: 3.4%, sales processing fee: 30/sale

Domains (DNS)

  • You will not incur any additional costs if you already have a registered domain.

Email address for receiving emails

  • Use of an email server to send emails from Repeat PLUS is included in the service.
  • If you are already managing email addresses attached to an existing domain, you will not incur additional expenses.

SSL certificates (certify secure connections)

  • Because SSL certificates are installed to a server, you will need to purchase the certificate.
  • Any labor required to install the certificates on the server will be included for free with the service (except for Enterprise).

Expenses that may necessary depending on your situation

Inquiries regarding system implementation, how to use it, and its settings

Phone and email inquiries are essentially free. We also offer system implementation support (for a fee). We are happy to support our busy clients, so please let us know if you require assistance.

  • Our system implementation support includes delegation of project roles and tasks, progress checks, issue management, and meetings (assume 2 meetings per month within the 23 wards of Tokyo; meetings outside the 23 wards will conducted by video or other means). This is support is provided to your company and any related companies for 250,000 yen per month.

Promotions, shipment assistance, inquiry/order assistance, advanced analytics, etc.

Many companies provide support for Repeat PLUS. We are happy to introduce whatever assistance you need. Please do not hesitate to ask.

About data migration

  • Clients will be responsible for the migration of any user data.
  • The migration of any other data is still the client's responsibility, however we can provide support. Please consult with us separately for a quote.
Please contact us below for more details.



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