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  • Our customized packages allow you to select from over 600 functions and 80 services

    The large variety of our standard functions and significant expandability allow us to address our clients' diverse issues and needs.

  • We are No. 1 with an average sales growth rate of 354% in the industry.

    We boast an average sales growth rate of 354% for clients who have availed our services as one of the highest figures in the industry.

  • We are offering services for diverse business models.

    We can provide a wide variety of packages and services for all kinds of business models, from wholesale to general merchandise retailers.

Product Policy

All-in-one e-commerce packages



All-in-one e-commerce packages

w2 Commerce

Backup Office Management, customer relationship/Marketing Management, and Inquiry Management: The 3 functions that come standard with all our packages. We also offer plans with V5 as ASP, and Enterprise as SaaS.

w2 Commerce Value5 Plan

Enterprise Plan


    There are 2 different plans that are aligned to their specific usages

  • system

    Systems that enable external collaboration

  • 99.97%

    Stable infrastructure that is operational 99.97% of the time.

E-commerce packages specifically offered for repeat sales-based business models.

Repeat PLUS


E-commerce packages specifically for repeat sales-based business models

Repeat PLUS

We offer reasonably-priced packages that are built on the knowledge we've gained from many years of research on both regular purchases and repeat sales-based retailers, as well as from our proven track record of numerous implementations.

Repeat PLUS Plan

Enterprise Plan

  • Reduce operational costs

    Reduced operational costs by 60%

  • Cultivate high-value customers

    Cultivate relationship with high-value customers and improve product persistence rates

  • variety of business sizes

    Can be customized flexibly to suit a variety of business sizes

Companies who have implemented our products and services


A new service package that allows you to realize your omnichannel strategies

This package allows us to offer our clients a data management platform and customer service tools at a reasonable cost.

Drawing from our experience in building e-commerce platforms and omnichannel platforms for many medium-to-large enterprises, we enable clients to greatly reduce the costs that were conventionally associated with achieving their omnichannel strategies.

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Since its foundation in 2005, w2solution has been supporting clients building their e-commerce websites, so we may become our clients' best e-commerce service provider.
One way we do this is by continuing to solve issues in many different areas each and every day. This allows us to create highly expandable products that can be linked with over 600 functions and 80 services. From ASP e-commerce packages that possess the basic functions for an e-commerce website, yet keep costs low, to specialized packages for one-off repeat sales-based retailers, to enterprise edition packages that can be expanded all the way to O2O commerce—we make it possible for our clients to offer services that are optimized to their customers. In addition, clients who have migrated their systems over to our w2Commerce system saw their sales grow to about 354% on average. In this product, we've combined the industry's number one cyber security measures with a foundation that enables our clients to stably increase sales.
w2solution aims to be our clients' strongest partner in helping each of them create their ultimate e-commerce website.

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