w2 Commerce Value5

w2 Commerce Value5 is an all-in-one e-commerce website construction system that includes standard functions such as a Main Screen Management, Back Office Management, and Customer Relationship Marketing. With this product, the industry's best security features allow you to run a reliable e-commerce website, while at the same time other functions allow you conduct the latest marketing activities from promotions like sales and coupons, to linking your website with social media posts. Migrating to the enterprise edition also allows clients to expand the product to meet their individual needs.
Do you want to enhance security? Do you want to build an e-commerce website and keep costs relatively low at first but expand the website later? Do you want to link your website with diverse marketing tools? w2 Commerce Value5's ability to meet diverse needs makes it a product worth considering.

  • To create a general merchandise e-commerce site

  • To centralize site management and merchandise control

  • To conduct promotions for and analytics on their e-commerce site

  • Servers that won't go down when there is a sale or special campaign

Features of the w2 Commerce Value5 package

w2 Commerce Value5 is a "one source, one client" application services provider (ASP). As such, it is not a software license, but rather a package that provides access to a variety of services, which clients can customize according to their needs. We also offer free upgrades to new versions, reducing IT investment costs over the mid- to long-term after initial implementation.

Included functions

  • Attracting new customers
    • Linking website with social media posts
    • Automatic search engine optimization settings
    • Shopping carts that are integrated with the landing page
  • For merchandise control
    • Inventory control
    • Brand management
    • Manage sales
  • Streamlining operations
    • Order workflows
    • Settings for each shipping method
    • Payment controls
  • For member services
    • Favorites/wish lists
    • Member points and rankings
    • Issue coupons
  • Improving purchase rates
    • Display similar products
    • Display sale prices
    • Display product reviews
  • Increase unit prices
    • Display recommendations / product popularity rankings
    • Set which products include free shipping
    • Organize promotions

Link your website with common payment platforms


    Credit card payments

  • SoftBank,au,NTT docomo

    Payment via participating mobile carriers

  • FamilyMart,MINI STOP

    Payment at convenience stores

  • amazon payments

    Amazon Pay (only for quick purchases or purchases made as "guests")

  • GMO


  • rakuten pay

    Rakuten Pay(Online Payment)


    Recruit Easy Pay

  • PayPal


Our partner payment agencies

  • ZEUS
  • dsk
  • SoftBank Payment Service

  • yamato financial

  • amazon pay

The industry's best security

Security features that meet international standards,
have been independently tested and verified, as well as audited by third parties,
help improve your website's credibility with customers

  • Security features that meet international standards
  • have been independently tested and verified, as well as audited by third parties
  • help improve your website's credibility with customers

Third party audits

  • IS S08303,ISO27001

    ISO27001 (Information Security Management Systems - ISMS) is an international standard that was created to address the safeguarding of information in terms of the ways businesses manage IT information assets (including personal information). w2 Solution acquired this certification the very first fiscal year after its founding by ensuring that the entire company was in compliance. We also continue to renew this certification, to ensure that it is always up-to-date.

  • Microsoft Partner

    We are a certified Gold Partner (the highest level possible) in the Microsoft Partner Network. w2 Solution acquired this certification in the very first fiscal year after its founding, and we are the only e-commerce systems developer in Japan to have acquired this certification. Our development environment and developers are all up to the standards that Microsoft has specified, enabling w2 Solution to securely and safely develop IT systems.

  • Windows,veriTest

    We have successfully passed Lionbridge Technologies' VeriTest (a diagnostic tool for technology platforms) to ensure safety and reliability when using w2Commerce.

  • Nessus,iSECpartners

    We have successfully passed the following security tests, designated by Microsoft as the most stringent security tests in the world:
    1) Passed Tenable Network Security's Nessus vulnerability scanner
    2) Passed iSEC Partners' application security and performance tests

  • SECURE,SecumTeam

    In order to maintain security levels, every day our packages are checked against the latest security information using SCT Secure (formerly Hacker Safe), a cloud-based security service.


    Companies specializing in internal information security conduct vulnerability testing on our platforms and applications, for which we consistently receive high ratings. We also receive acceptance testing as required by our client policy.
    1) NRI Secure Technologies
    2) Global Security Experts
    3) Lac

Reliable infrastructure that is operational 99.97% percent of the time

We offer infrastructure that can be expanded without losing sales. It is also able to handle temporary surges in customer traffic due to events, social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc.), and messaging apps such as Line.

A competitor's plan

Network bandwidth capacity: 15 million connections
From the beginning there is a cap (limit) in the number of connections the site can handle, so whenever access surges, the page becomes slower and slower until eventually the server goes down. Despite holding promotions to attract customers, you could end up losing sales.

w2 Commerce Value5

Network bandwidth capacity: tied to sales
No cap (limit) on bandwidth means that it can be increased when access surges, so that you do not lose sales.
  • -Suggestions for web server redundancy
  • -24 hours a day x 365 days a year monitoring to make sure the site is online and functioning
  • -Suggested plans for expanding network bandwidth capacity
  • -Suggestions for limiting sessions
  • -Suggestions for emergency support systems

Some examples of actual values handled

-During an event held by Company X: 1,429 page views/hour

-During an apparel company's New Year's sale: 1,000,000+ page views/day

Package specs
Approx. 400 orders/minute
= 5,000 orders/30 minutes

Projected post-migration growth

A large variety of standard functions, reliable infrastructure, sales promotion functions, and comprehensive support from w2solution have allowed some clients to achieve a 500% growth in sales after switching to w2solution from another company. After using our services for 3 years, one client managed to grow a website that was doing 100 million yen in monthly sales.

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