For many years, our company has offered packages with our condensed e-commerce knowledge, and services that solve many business problems. By merging these two services, we are able to offer what customers essentially require—an e-commerce platform.

4 points that accelerate the strategy evolution of e-businesses

The following 4 points illustrate the reasons why businesses choose w2solution.

  • POINT1


    Strong Products

    We provide an easy-to-use package with superior flexibility and expandability that allows for the construction of e-commerce websites optimized to budget and application considerations, from e-commerce websites of small and medium-sized enterprises, to large e-commerce websites with annual sales of over 10 billion yen.

  • POINT2


    Development Strength

    With 12 years of specialization in the development of e-commerce and CRM systems, we are the best in Japan in the field of e-commerce development.

  • POINT3


    Support Strength

    We provide full support, responding to inquiries or requests from e-commerce businesses even after implementation.
    We constantly ascertain the knowledge of e-commerce businesses, as well as the latest information and trends of the industry, and contribute to growth and development.

  • POINT4


    Security Strength

    Our security meets global standards, and is number one in the industry! We also have external test certifications and audits by third party institutions.

    • 基本セキュリティ対策(ウィルス対策ソフトウェア、IPS・IDS、WAF、ID・パスワード認証、Firewall、SSL通信)
    • 外部機関の審査(ベストベンチャー100、GSX、LAC、VeriTest、Microsoft Partner、Nessus、NRI SECURE)
    • 東京海上日動セキュリティ保険


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