(Each partner is listed by name)

Strategy Partners

  • Microsoft Corporation

    Our company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. To be certified as a Gold Partner, a company has to clear extremely rigorous certification requirements. We obtained the certification during our first year of establishment.
    In addition, we have passed the latest application test "Windows Server 2012 R2" and obtained the certification for that as well.

    Microsoft Corporation
  • Rakuten Inc.

    Our company is a certified RMS partner of Rakuten Inc.
    Our products can be linked with Rakuten RMS for orders, payment, products, and inventory, and we share information on new functions and specification changes.

    Rakuten Inc.

IT Solution Partners

  • F@N Communications, Inc.

    One of the world's largest pay-per-success model ad network enterprises, this is a partner company that handles affiliate ad services "" and "", as well as the ad network service "nend".

    F@N Communications, Inc.
  • Septeni Co., Ltd

    Septeni develops services that solve a wide range of marketing problems customers face, focusing on Internet advertising agency businesses with some of the highest service achievements in Japan.

    Septeni Co., Ltd
  • PSC Inc.

    PSC is a constantly growing IT company that handles 3 types of businesses: IT services and outsourcing business, solution provider business, and media communication service. It is not merely a technology vendor though the company also places top priority on providing services that are convenient for customers.

    PSC Inc.
  • Win Peace Co., Ltd

    Win Peace Co., Ltd launches and sells its original product, EC Manager, which is a unified management system for multiple shopping malls.
    *Development and support for EC Manager is handled by w2solution.

    Win Peace Co., Ltd

Total Solution Partners

  • Web Produce Co., Ltd

    As a member of NTT Data Group, Web Produce has varied experiences in fulfillment businesses such as system integration businesses, order data registration on the e-commerce website, warehouse/inventory management, payment, delivery, operation of contact centers, and deposit management. It draws on these experiences to provide comprehensive services for e-commerce websites, from planning/construction to operation.

    Web Produce Co., Ltd

Payment Solution Partners

  • ZEUS Co., Ltd

    The company provides a high-security credit card payment agency service for all types of businesses. It not only reduces your workload and offers full support, but also provides telephone support for your customers who are card holders, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    ZEUS Co., Ltd
  • Densan System Co., Ltd

    As a comprehensive payment service provider, Densan System offers a wide range of payment methods, including credit card payment, mobile payment, the standard convenience store recipient agency, debt collection agency, and payment agency services.

    Densan System Co., Ltd
  • Softbank Payment Service Corp.

    Softbank Payment Service handles various payment methods such as credit card, convenience store, mobile carrier, pre-paid card, and electronic money.
    It deals with all kinds of complicated procedures and operations, from contract signings with financial institutions and system connections to fee payments.

    Softbank Payment Service Corp.
  • Yamato Financial Co., Ltd

    To fulfill the diverse requirements of end users, the company provides a wide range of payment methods from online payments to payment by cash, such as credit card, convenience store, electronic money, Internet banking, cash on delivery, and post payment.
    It signs contracts with payment institutions and pays collection fees on behalf of customers, making it possible to omit complicated procedures. The shortest payment cycle that can be selected is 5 days. As a member of the Yamato Group, it uses the vast knowledge it has accumulated in the e-commerce market for 30 years to support your business.

    Yamato Financial Co., Ltd
  • GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.

    The company offers comprehensive payment services, such as credit card payment agency service for e-commerce websites, Internet shops, online shopping and utility fees, as well as subscriptions / continued billing and transaction lending (loan services).

    GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.
  • GMO Payment Service, Inc.

    The company, as a part of GMO Internet Group, provides post payment services. It supports e-commerce operators by greatly reducing labor and cost. The company offers services that satisfy both e-commerce operators as well as consumers.

    GMO Payment Service, Inc.
  • Amazon Services International, Inc.

    Online payments can be made easily with Amazon Pay. Even for your first website, payments can be made safely by logging on to the Amazon account.


Design Solution Partners

  • Essentia Co., Ltd

    ESSENTIA makes full use of its accumulated usability surveys to offer planning and design for websites that are highly appealing. (past work)

    Essentia Co., Ltd
  • K's Project Co., Ltd

    K's Project incorporates strategic plans that aid in the development of business management, and uses its abundant knowledge to provide website creation services, system construction services, Internet media services, and support for Internet businesses.

    K's Project Co., Ltd
  • Control Plus Co., Ltd

    Control Plus Co., Ltd is a web design company that is strong in homepage planning and production, offering never-before-seen new styles.
    In addition, it is currently developing its original planning and operation production website, (past work)

    Control Plus Co., Ltd
  • Dentetsu Shoji Co., Ltd DTS Communications

    With its production base in Kobe, the company is actively expanding in the Kanto and Kansai areas.
    The websites created by DTS Communications are indued with knowledge and techniques that are useful for the development of various businesses.

    Dentetsu Shoji Co., Ltd   DTS Communications
  • Draw4 Co., Ltd.

    Through production and consultation work, the company proposes a wealth of solutions for communication that is beneficial between enterprises and end users, centering on the Internet and paper media.

    Draw4 Co., Ltd.
  • Global Technology Design, Inc.

    Global Technology Design, Inc. provides total solutions from content planning and production to server construction and operation, in various information media. It helps customers succeed by using a production system that is high quality and has excellent cost performance.

    Global Technology Design, Inc.
  • Honeybee Crossmedia Co., Ltd

    Honeybee Crossmedia Co., Ltd provides a wide range of planning, promotion, creative, and IT solution services for communication projects that handle the diversifying lifestyles of consumers. (past work)

    Honeybee Crossmedia Co., Ltd
  • Verecom Co., Ltd

    Verecom has offices in over 10 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, South korea and India. It utilizes its strength as a global enterprise to plan and design websites, and provides comprehensive support in website production.

    Verecom Co., Ltd
  • Loftwork Inc.

    With Loftwork, which has one of Japan's largest creator networks, it is possible to outsource all kinds of creative tasks. It provides high-quality designs with excellent cost performance. (past work)

    Loftwork Inc.

Point Solution Partners

  • Point On Co., Ltd

    Point On Co., Ltd provides comprehensive point solutions, including point exchange systems.
    The "Point Exchange Service" that is incorporated into w2Commerce is provided by w2solution.

    Point On Co., Ltd

Logistics Solution Partners

  • Logizard Co., Ltd

    Logizard provides Logizard Plus, a logistics management system for apparel and miscellaneous goods that can be linked with w2Commerce related products, for a monthly fee starting from 55,000 yen. It has achieved success with companies of various sizes from major e-commerce websites to small-scale ones.

    Logizard Co., Ltd


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